about me



I'm a Digital Nomadic Traveler, I left my job & home to travel the world, i was traveling since my age of 10 unconsciously with my parents, in colllege days i was traveling to different places in south india to attend competitions, when i got my first job i used to travel in the weekend like packing my backpack at friday evening , pickup a place in map, get the local bus leave on Friday evening and back to the office on morning straight away from bus stand, i used to host people on couchsurfing, meeting travelers, listening to their stories gave me strength and support to quit my job in otherside i was realizing my childhood dream to travel the world. finally i quit my job and left my home with my DSLR Camera, Laptop and few cloths in my backpack and some money (6000 INR). Traveling places in south india, i went to zero money (empty pocket) when i was in mumbai, i tried to find some job like working in hostel, designing logo, website using my laptop. i made some money which is enough to move to next state, i was repeating the same in every state in india, i have covered half of india. at the moment i'm in north india(west bengal). Traveling to the states in north once i completed the india planning to travel nepal, bhutan, myanmar, bangaladesh, thailand, vietnam, combodia, malaysia, singapore, china, taiwan literally every place in the world as much as possible. that is only my goal in my life.